Victor Distributing Company

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Victor Distributing Company

Established in 1965, Victor Distributing Company is a renowned HVAC distributor known for its commitment to business development and strong partnership with contractors and their long-term employees who have expertise in the industry, the parts, the equipment, and how they come together to work. With decades of experience and a focus on excellence, they have earned a reputation as an independently owned and operated industry leader.


  • Customer Sync
  • MagentoOrder Create
  • Product Create & Update
  • Inventory Update
  • Customer Specific Pricing (Real-Time Pricing)



BigCommerce, Epicor Eclipse & DCKAP Integrator



The way websites are, have an effect on the perceived capability and quality of any business. When all it takes is 0.05 seconds for visitors to form opinions and make snap judgments, every brand ought to be cautious about how their website performs. Online stores have to be continually updated – launching products, adding new features, trying out new textures, security upgrades, and more, to ensure a positive customer experience. Although Filmtools has a dedicated in-house development team for maintenance and other aspects, Klizer has been helping from the last four years during critical times when their developers need Klizer’s help.


When a business does not have the correct solutions needed to succeed, the business hurts, but when its problems find solutions, the business flourishes.
  • Clients lacked appropriate solutions for success, leading to business challenges.
  • The client approached Klizer to address overflow data transfers in their digital architecture (DA) and synchronize multiple systems.
  • Challenges included customer synchronization, order and product creation, inventory synchronization, and real-time customer pricing.
  • A collaborative effort led to a strategic game plan for solutions.


  • Klizer recommended the DCKAP Integrator as the solution.
  • The DCKAP Integrator is a middleware solution that is platform agnostic, easy to use and connects with any system as long as APIs are involved.
  • It retains no business data outside of the security tokens used to access the APIs and has a robust dashboard filled with insights the user can use.

Outcome: Transforming Business Operations

Each integration touchpoint was important to the client. Everything had to have its source and destination location mapped out. The information based on the end solution is what the Klizer team was able to provide. What once was two systems unable to relay data to one another turned out to connect two systems into one.
  • Customer Sync and Order Creation: An example of this was their integration point into BigCommerce from their Epicor Eclipse ERP. With every transaction held inside their CMS, the ERP would follow with the data creation of new clients inside their system. This allowed them to follow up with their client’s digital journey. Once the data was created, the client could create orders against migration from their CMS straight into the ERP.
  • Product Management: Product Creation and continual updates became such an ease that gratitude followed when our client was able to modify products from one location ensuring that with a timed schedule and synchronization, the edits could be done in one system rather than in two individually. Now we have data moving from within the ERP into the CMS.
  • Inventory Management: The ERP’s integration helped monitor inventory levels throughout the day, ensuring accurate and timely management.
  • Real-Time Customer Pricing: A crucial integration for the client, real-time customer-specific pricing was implemented, allowing dynamic pricing adjustments to stay competitive in the market.


The proposed digital architecture plans and seamless integration journey presented by Klizer met the client’s needs with minimal resistance. Victor Distributing Company was pleased with the results, receiving the efficient and synchronized operations they had requested. Our continued efforts to evolve our relationship with this client continue today. We should be arriving soon at their location for a visit and may have a video testimony to follow up with that visit.

Effortless customer journey, order tracking, CMS data to ERP, simplified order management.

Centralized sync, reduces redundant data input.

ERP-integrated real-time inventory.

Implementation of real-time customer-specific pricing.

We take the guesswork out of ecommerce.
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