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As DCKAP entered the new phase of product-centricity, we needed a brand name that matched the vision and the outstanding team behind our outstanding ecommerce services. That’s where Klizer comes in.

Welcome to Klizer, where innovation meets dedication in the world of ecommerce for distributors. In 2022, DCKAP made a momentous shift, transitioning into a product company with a singular mission — to simplify commerce for distributors. This marked a pivotal milestone in our journey, which spans over 15 years of dedicated service to the community.

For nearly two decades, we have been at the forefront of shaping online shopping experiences for distributors through specialized ecommerce services. Our commitment to excellence and our passion for helping businesses thrive in the digital space has remained constant throughout this journey.

Why the name “Klizer”?

We are here to breathe life into our clients’ visions and make them a reality online.

Selecting a name that encapsulated our essence was no simple task. Klizer was carefully chosen after much deliberation, and it carries profound meaning.

Kli embodies our clients, who are the lifeblood of our existence. Everything we do revolves around serving their needs, their aspirations, and their success.

The letter K represents our unwavering commitment to quality, coupled with a forward-thinking and modern approach to technology and success. It signifies our dedication to constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Completing the name is zer, which symbolizes the essence of what we offer. Our services are not one-size-fits-all; they are personalized to address the unique challenges that each client faces

Process of Design and Development


Gathering Project Requirements

We listen to your business, functional, and technical needs.

Designing User Experience and Architecture

We craft solutions aligned with your goals.


We bring designs to life with robust web development.

Quality Assurance

We ensure top-notch user experiences through rigorous testing.


Your project goes live after thorough testing.

Maintainance and Support

We listen to your business, functional, and technical needs.
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We take the guesswork out of ecommerce.
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