Ecommerce Transformation with BigCommerce and DCKAP Integrator

About Berenson Company

Berenson Hardware, founded in 1957 and based in Toronto, Canada, has been a stalwart in the kitchen and bath industry, providing an extensive range of decorative hardware. Their commitment to style, customer support, and industry development has been unwavering.



They sought to improve their online store’s performance and ensure smooth data flow between their ERP (Epicor Prophet 21) and their ecommerce platform BigCommerce.This transformation was geared toward providing distributors with better operational efficiency and a smoother ecommerce experience.

Berenson’s ecommerce store was running on Javascript, posing several challenges. They needed to overcome the following issues:

Addressing Migration Challenges

Ensuring a seamless transition of products and customer data from Prophet 21 to BigCommerce while minimizing disruptions.

Implementing Dynamic Pricing

Developing a dynamic pricing strategy to provide personalized pricing based on customer attributes, enhancing pricing flexibility.

Product Customization

Customized product variants selection on the Product Detail Page, including assembly products and job tag customization.

Enhancing Product Customization

Enabling customers to easily select customized product variants on the Product Detail Page, including options for assembly products and job tag customization.

Improving User Experience

Enhancing the user experience through dynamic content integration on static pages via Page Builder and streamlining the selection of default billing addresses during the checkout process.

Streamlining ERP Integration

Integrating Epicor Prophet 21 with DCKAP Integrator for real-time data synchronization across critical business functions, ensuring efficient operations.


Klizer revamped Berensen’s BigCommerce website, implementing the following to tackle their challenges:

Ecommerce Implementation

We meticulously designed and constructed a fully functional and responsive ecommerce website, concurrently modernizing the website’s design and seamlessly integrating graphical elements.

Customer Registration

Customized registration forms were created for both B2B and B2C customers, offering different prices for guest users, retailers, and dealers.

Enhanced Search

The implementation of a menu streamlined navigation across the website, enhancing user experience.

Product Detail Page

Extensive customization on product pages introduced dynamic pricing, product type selection, and bulk purchase discounts, contributing to a more versatile shopping experience.

Cart and Checkout

Our improvements to the shopping cart and checkout process simplified price visibility, product addition, and transaction completion. Furthermore, we optimized the billing address selection during checkout.

My Account Page

The “My Account” section underwent comprehensive adjustments to facilitate profile management, order history access, invoice tracking, and purchase history review, enhancing user convenience.

ERP Integration

By integrating the ecommerce website with Berensen’s other business systems through the DCKAP Integrator, we established real-time data synchronization for customer details, orders, inventory, pricing, contracts, and shopping lists.

Continued Support and Maintenance

Our team conducted thorough testing to ensure seamless functionality. Furthermore, we continue to provide comprehensive support and maintenance to uphold the website’s operational excellence.

Result & Key Metrics

The collaborative effort between Berenson and Klizer resulted in a comprehensive ecommerce transformation. The key outcomes include:

The responsive design and improved features led to a better user experience across devices.

Dynamic pricing based on customer attributes provides personalized pricing for customers.

Real-time synchronization between BigCommerce and Prophet 21 enhanced operational efficiency.

The customized features, including product variants and job tags, improved customer engagement.

Accurate and consistent data flow between critical points improved decision-making and customer service.

Deploying DCKAP Integrator, which facilitated seamless integration between Epicor Prophet 21 and BigCommerce, enhancing Berenson’s online presence.


A fully functional, optimized, and responsive ecommerce site.
Graphic design integration for improved aesthetics and user experience.
Seamless checkout for enhanced shopping convenience.
Real-time synchronization between BigCommerce and Prophet 21, improving business operations.

Multi-platform mastery so your store is managed your way

We take the guesswork out of ecommerce.
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