Upsurge In Conversion Rate By 18% And Revenue By 22%.


Osias Berk founded a company in 1910 that specialized in collecting, washing, and reselling glass jars and bottles. This was a time before plastic containers, threaded jars, or automatic bottle-making machinery had been invented! 

Using horse-drawn carts to distribute supplies and competing with similar businesses in New York, Bottlestore had to fight hard to stay in business. Against all odds, Bottlestore has thrived for over a century by staying up-to-date with the latest technologies, and the company now specializes in ecommerce sales through


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"I constantly grapple with matters such as the promptness of product launches, inventory management, publishing content, and implementing and maintaining our online storefront - all areas where Klizer truly excels. Their unwavering support and help enabled us to remain at the forefront of the rigid packaging supplier space in eCommerce for over six years."

Edward W Cook

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, O.Berk Company/



  • Bottlestore successfully launched its first online store using Magento. However, they encountered an issue that prevented customers from ordering product samples on their website. 
  • To swiftly address this challenge, reached out to the Klizer Team for assistance. 
  • The Klizer Team analyzed the problem and resolved it using the Sample Request for B2B extension from the Klizer store. 
  • This extension seamlessly integrates into the admin panel of any Magento 2 website, enabling customers to order product samples before making a purchase. 
  • This enhancement resulted in receiving thousands of sample orders from their customers every month. 
  • Moreover, the extension provides valuable analytics, order completion data, and conversion rates for business owners.


With a remarkable increase in sample orders and a growing customer base, began encountering sporadic issues where customers faced difficulties while trying to place sample orders. Once again, turned to the Klizer Team, not just for issue resolution, but to find a permanent solution. Klizer extended its support by initiating a comprehensive Code Audit, conducting a thorough review of the entire website’s code. Our team of Certified Magento Experts followed a multi-step process, including:

1. Analyzing Magento Core, Cache, and Catalog.

2. Investigating Issues with Magento Custom Extensions and Third-Party Extensions.

3. Reviewing Server Configuration.

4. Identifying Security Risks.

5. Conducting a Magento Configuration Review.

After completing this exhaustive four-level audit, we pinpointed and addressed unresolved JavaScript issues that were affecting certain functions on Bottlestore’s website. As a result, began receiving positive feedback from satisfied customers once more.

Abandoned Cart Alerts

Shopping cart abandonment is a common challenge faced by nearly all retailers. According to a recent study, the global cart abandonment rate stands at 75.52%. To effectively address this issue, implemented a third-party Abandoned Cart Alert extension, following Klizer’s recommendation. This extension enables them to reach out to and follow up with shoppers through messages and emails. As a result, Bottlestore’s customers are more inclined to return to the website and complete their purchases, thanks to these helpful reminders. and Mobile-First Indexing

Mobile-first indexing is still one of the most recent developments in the ecommerce world. With this method, Google ranks websites based on their mobile versions rather than on their desktop sites. approached Klizer to learn more about how to make their website mobile-friendly in order to rank high on Google searches and appeal to their customers. Here’s how Klizer tackled the challenge and achieved the goal.

Removed non-essential data from JS and CSS.

Enabled Gzip compression to enhance website performance.

Compressed images to minimize page loading times.

Eliminated render-blocking JS.

Reviewed issues and ran speed tests.

Installed AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) extension.

AMP is an open-source HTML page designed to make the page/site lightweight and to have a faster loading time. Shoppers using mobile devices will be more likely to spend time and purchase products on a site with accelerated mobile pages.

22% Rise in Revenue

  • All retailers need to be aware of which products are the most popular to attract and retain customers, and was well aware of this. 
  • When they encountered difficulties in tracking their transactions and customer behaviors, Klizer’s Google Analytics experts analyzed their Analytics account and identified incorrect data resulting from a duplicate ecommerce setup.
  • After rectifying the issue and replacing the setup, could access accurate data regarding its best-selling products and shopping trends.
  • Once gained insights from its analytics, the company knew how to market its products more effectively. In just three months, experienced an 18% increase in conversion rates and a 22% rise in revenue.


Klizer with, an O.Berk Company

Klizer is delighted to maintain a strong and trusting partnership with is highly satisfied with the solutions provided by Klizer, which not only addressed their issues but also boosted their revenue, conversion rates, customer satisfaction, and website performance. Even after a century of successful business operations and navigating various challenges, continues to excel, overcome obstacles, and adapt to the changing times.

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