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We create user experience (UX) focused BigCommerce storefronts that aim to maximize conversions.
Looking for a custom-designed online store? or perhaps a simple website update? We have got you covered.

Our Services

Responsive Design

Automatic functionality ensures the content looks optimal on any device by resizing and adjusting.

Store Facelift/Redesign

Revitalize outdated designs to align with the latest design and functionality trends.

Custom Templates

We offer tailor-made custom designs for those who prefer uniqueness over standard templates.

Custom Gift Cards and Email Templates

Providing personalized marketing materials through email templates & gift cards.

Custom Page Design

Page designs are tailored to meet your specific preferences.

Customized Item Categories and Mega Menu

Tailoring catalogs and menus to suit the unique needs of different businesses.

Custom Designed Blog Section

Blog structures crafted to align with your target market’s preferred information dissemination.

Optimize Your Checkout Process 

Integrate existing payment gateways or build custom options to meet your buyers’ expectations.

Our Process


Requirement Assessment




Mock Up





Requirement Assessment


Mock Up



BigCommerce Web Design Services for Ecommerce

BigCommerce is a robust ecommerce platform with free themes and a user-friendly admin panel. Yet, when your business scales up, customizing your store can get pretty complicated. That’s where our experienced team of web designers steps in.

By partnering with Klizer, an ecommerce agency, you gain the benefits of our skilled designers. Here’s why you should choose Klizer for your business:

Experience Excellence in BigCommerce Web Design

Maximize user-friendly capabilities for BigCommerce site development and management. Our professional designers possess the expertise to customize sites to meet unique needs, ensuring your brand’s success.

Optimize Customer Navigation with UX/UI Design

Enhances your website’s navigation, significantly improving the user experience and driving sales. Our skilled designers craft complex, advanced mega menus tailored to your brand, featuring helpful imagery and a logical structure for a seamless browsing experience.

Integrate Your Brand Seamlessly with BigCommerce Store Design

Your ecommerce site should reflect your brand image down to the smallest details. An ecommerce designer integrates elements like borders, font sizing, arrangement, color, and logos, creating a branded experience that enhances your ecommerce store.

Stay Current with Ecommerce Design Trends

Responsive design and mobile-friendliness are very important for your ecommerce store. The web designers make precise adjustments for scroll-friendliness and balanced layouts across devices, ensuring a superior user experience that keeps your business at the forefront of emerging trends.

Optimize Resources with Professional Designers

A designer delivers scalable solutions, serves as a strategic partner for ongoing design work, and saves your time and resources in the long term.

Enhancing SEO Strategy

Our designers contribute to your SEO initiatives. They understand how to make design alterations without compromising SEO (Search engine optimization) efforts, often enhancing them. By optimizing user behavior metrics and adjusting on-page SEO elements, a designer significantly improves your website’s search engine ranking.

Look at some of our Case Studies 

Look at some of our Case Studies. Explore why you can choose us as an ecommerce web Design Agency. Take a look at our portfolio.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Fully Customizable: It provides a variety of other pre-built, mobile-friendly themes for devices and apps, allowing you to create a customized ecommerce store tailored to your preferences.
  • Fast Loading Speed: Enjoy quick loading times on your websites, enabling merchants, and business owners to reach a broader audience and increase sales.
  • Full Control: Upon creation, you have complete ownership of your store with no monthly payments and an easy checkout process.
  • Secure: Benefit from comprehensive security measures on your ecommerce platform, safeguarding your store against potential vulnerabilities and hacks.
  • SEO-Optimized Store: Utilize built-in SEO tools to optimize your store for search engines, ensuring optimal visibility and results.
  • Frequently Updated: It releases approximately six updates annually, addressing issues, introducing new features, and enhancing security to protect against vulnerabilities.
Our ecommerce agency offers comprehensive ongoing support and maintenance services. This includes continuous monitoring, regular updates, and addressing any technical issues that may arise. Our dedicated team ensures your store functions optimally, providing peace of mind and seamless operation for your online business.
Klizer stands out for its expertise in handling ecommerce businesses, providing a complete solution for web design, website development, and integration. With a team of experienced designers and developers, they ensure high-performance, high-quality, responsive designs, and seamless shopping experiences tailored to specific needs.
Choosing a web design company guarantees expertise in CMS platforms, digital marketing, and small business requirements. They bring flexibility, years of experience, and the ability to launch and manage your websites efficiently. Additionally, they excel in ongoing support, exceeding expectations for digital marketing services.
The company employs a team of designers and BigCommerce experts who follow a flexible design process. They deliver a complete solution, offering direct access to a development team, and ensuring the execution of tasks for a successful ecommerce web design.
The starting cost for Klizer’s development services is $40,000.
Project managers take charge of overseeing changes and facilitating effective communication between clients and the design team from the backend. Their expertise ensures a smooth order of tasks, optimizing the client’s website and enhancing the overall user experience.
Yes, our expertise helps you craft responsive designs specifically for ecommerce stores. These designs guarantee a uniform and user-friendly experience across various devices. Our commitment to responsive design aims to boost user engagement and optimize the BigCommerce SEO performance of your ecommerce site.
An ecommerce company employs (Search engine optimization) SEO strategies and collaborates with web design agencies to enhance the online presence of an ecommerce business. By implementing seamless shopping experiences and using knowledge of BigCommerce themes, they attract a lot of traffic to the client’s website.