Digital Accessibility for Distributors

Deliver an effortless experience to all customers, including those who are differently abled, with Klizer’s ADA compliance and accessibility testing and services.

Ensure an Equal
Website User Experience

Offer an accessible experience for each of your website visitors. Klizer’s ADA compliance and accessibility experts suggest ways to give all visitors a seamless ecommerce experience.

What Is Digital Accessibility?

“A website, application or technology is digitally accessible when people with disabilities can easily navigate and interact with it.”

Why Is Digital Accessibility Important for Distributors?

ADA compliance is necessary for ecommerce, and it can be simple with Klizer helping you comply with WCAG 2.1 guidelines.

  • Fulfills social responsibility
  • Increases your market share and reach
  • Improves your SEO rankings
  • Protects you from legal action
  • Expands your application user group

How Klizer Helps Distributors with ADA Compliance

Klizer provides digital accessibility solutions for distributors. Our team analyzes and provides solutions to these issues:

  • Improper keyboard support
  • Lack of sensory cues
  • Inconsistent website navigation
  • Uncontrolled user experience
  • Missing relevant context in the visual content
  • Irrelevant text of alt images
  • Misuse of forms

Klizer’s Streamlined ADA Compliance Approach

Klizer accessibility experts are knowledgeable and experienced, making ADA compliance easier for distributors. Our comprehensive ADA compliance process includes

  • Collecting the UI component list
  • Verification of performance
  • Identifying elements that are challenging for differently abled people
  • Fixing the elements to achieve compliance

Why choose Klizer for ADA compliance?

Our digital accessibility testing services include:
  • Manual ADA compliance audit and verification based on WCAG 2.1 guidelines
  • Comprehensive evaluation using accessibility automated tools
  • Solutions-oriented analysis
  • Accessibility evaluation reporting
  • Verification that standard assistive technologies such as JAWS, NVDA, Windows Eyes and Voice work with your website

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