Magento Integration Services
(Adobe Commerce) 

Integrate your Magento store with ERP, CRM, and other third-party systems
for better data management, analytics, and ROI. 

Adobe Commerce Integration 

Integrate your online store with ERP and CRM systems to save time, reduce manual tasks, and boost efficiency.

ERP Integration

CRM Integration

Our Magento Integration Services

Magento CRM Integration

Integrate your Magento store with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to combine customer data, and personal data, and streamline your marketing, business process and sales efforts.

Magento ERP Integration

Synchronize your Magento store with Enterprise Resource Planning ERP systems to automate stock management, demand-taking care of, and financial transactions.

OMS Integration

Integrate your Magento store with Order Management Systems (OMS) for efficient request satisfaction, stock tracking, and delivery processes for improved productivity.

CMS Integration

Connect your Magento store with Content Management Systems (CMS) to manage website content, product information, and marketing campaigns efficiently from a single platform.

Marketplace Integration

Expand your reach and increase sales by integrating your Magento store with online commercial centers such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, empowering seamless management of item postings, orders, and stock across different channels.

Payment Gateway Integration

Offer customers a smooth checkout experience by integrating your Magento store with various payment gateways and processors, supporting multiple payment methods and currencies to cater to customer preferences.

Search Integration

Enhance the search functionality of your Magento store by integrating with advanced search solutions, allowing quick and precise product discovery for customers and improving overall user experience.

PIM Integration

Manage product information across your Magento store and different channels by integrating with Product Information Management (PIM) systems, ensuring consistency and accuracy in product data.

Inventory Management Integration

Integrating your Magento site with inventory management systems to improve inventory control and speed up order fulfillment procedures by enabling real-time tracking and synchronization of inventory levels.

Accounting Integration

Simplify accounting daily tasks and improve financial management by integrating your Magento ecommerce store with accounting software, facilitating seamless synchronization of sales channel, invoices, and financial data flow.

Marketing Automation Integration

Automate marketing campaigns, email work processes, and customer division by integrating your Magento store with promoting automation platforms like HubSpot and Salesforce for customized communication with your audience.

Shipping and Tracking

Improve customer experience and transparency by integrating package tracking functionalities into your Magento ecommerce store. Magento shipping API allows customers to track their orders continuously and decreases inquiries related to order processing status.

Data Migration Services

Upgrade to Magento from your current ecommerce platform without losing valuable data. Migrate product catalogs, customer information, order history, and more with minimal disruption to your ecommerce business process.

Performance Optimization

Improve the performance and scalability of your Magento store to handle increased traffic and transactions. Identify and resolve bottlenecks to enhance page load speed and overall user experience. Optimize server configuration, caching mechanisms, and codebase for optimal performance.

Magento Extension Development

Increase the functionality of your Magento store by adding unique magento extensions created by our team. Ensure compatibility and seamless integration with your Magento environment.


Our Key Focus Areas for Magento Integration

Data Synchronization and Management

Improve data synchronization and management processes by enabling precise data flow between your Magento store and integrated systems.

Seamless User Experience

We deliver a seamless user experience across all integrated systems, optimizing workflows and processes to enhance usability and drive customer satisfaction.

Expert Guidance and Consultation

Our team provides expert guidance and consultation throughout the integration process, ensuring you make informed choices and accomplish your business objectives effectively.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

We offer continuous support and maintenance beyond integration to ensure your Magento store operates smoothly. This includes proactive monitoring, troubleshooting, security and cybersecurity updates, and assistance from our dedicated technical service team.

Case Studies 

Why Choose Klizer for Magento
Integration Services?

Magento Expertise

You get the advantage of our Magento integration expert’s in-depth knowledge and proficiency with the Magento platform, which guarantees superior integration solutions catered to your business needs.

Proven Track Record

We have over 18 years of experience in delivering effective Magento integration projects for clients across different ventures, backed by our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive Services

From consistent data migration to custom module Magento development and ongoing support, we offer a thorough scope of Magento integration solutions to meet all your ecommerce needs.

Clean Coding Practices

We highlight clean and structured code, thoroughly tested across major browsers and devices for optimal performance.

Affordable Price 

Our Magento services are priced affordably, catering to small to medium-sized businesses. Reach out to us for a consultation and a quote tailored to your project.

Transparent Communication

Experience transparent communication and collaboration throughout the integration process, with regular updates, clear timelines, and open channels for feedback and discussion.

Level up your ecommerce
journey with Klizer

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Frequently Asked Questions

The starting cost for Klizer’s Adobe Commerce implementation is $40,000.
With over 18 years of experience in the ecommerce field, we specialize in Magento integration. Having completed over 500 projects, we have the necessary expertise to tackle a variety of ecommerce challenges.
We have a unique value proposition, including its commitment to excellence, personalized approach, transparent communication, competitive pricing, and dedication to customer satisfaction.
Various third-party solutions that can be integrated with Magento, including CRM, ERP, payment gateways, shipping providers, and more.
Get insights into the typical timeline for Magento integration projects, including factors that may affect the duration, such as the complexity of integration and data migration requirements.
After Magento integration, Klizer provides comprehensive ongoing support and maintenance services, including software updates, troubleshooting, performance optimization, and technical assistance at minimum pricing. Request for a quote now.
Klizer’s pricing is precisely designed to be accessible and beneficial for businesses of all sizes, including smaller enterprises.
To get started with Magento integration services from Klizer, reach out to us through our website. We’ll guide you through the initial consultation, requirements gathering, project planning, and execution timelines.