Embrace Flexibility with Headless Commerce

The future of ecommerce is Headless. Klizer’s Headless Commerce solution makes it easy for merchants to cater to their customers’ every need online – now and tomorrow-ready.


Stay ahead of consumer expectations, adapt to changes in platforms and tech environments, and offer your customers only the best.

Keeping up with audience and industry trends isn’t easy. Headless Commerce makes it easier.

“Headless Commerce can provide a transversal layer to various channels, reducing the time for customer relationship management and increasing fidelity from those who buy from the online store.”


  • Omnichannel advantages, with content delivery built for your audience
  • Highly personalized shopping experiences for your customers
  • Cater to customers using current and future platforms, tech and IoT
  • Disruption-proofing your business with extra flexibility
  • Stronger checks and balances against fraud and cybersecurity threats


  • Lagging webpages, performance issues and time consuming maintenance processes
  • Falling behind in experience-driven shopping experiences
  • High costs with technology and platform upgrades
  • Inflexibility towards tech advances in the future
  • Higher customer acquisition costs

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