Klizer Participates in Meet Magento India 2024: Post-Event Insights

Meet Magento India 2024 took place at The Forum Convention Centre in Ahmedabad on February 10th, 2024. Organized by Wagento Commerce India & Evrig, the event marked a significant return to Ahmedabad after 5 years.

Gathering e-commerce enthusiasts globally, the conference provided a platform for learning, networking, and collaboration. Our team, representing Klizer, Zircly, and DCKAP Commerce, joined 13 others for a rich exchange of insights and experiences.

Stay tuned as we share highlights and key takeaways from this memorable event.

Engaging the Community: Klizer’s Contribution

This event offered us a valuable opportunity for various stakeholders in the Magento ecosystem:

  • Magento website owners/merchants
  • Magento community members
  • Ecommerce enthusiasts
  • Solution/Technology Partners

Klizer significantly contributed to the event by sponsoring the 360 Selfie Booth, which attracted active participation from attendees. Through this initiative, participants shared their selfies on social media platforms. 

In appreciation of their engagement, Klizer rewarded select individuals with copies of “Deep Work” and “10x is Easier than 2x,” fostering a sense of camaraderie and appreciation among participants.

Key Sessions Highlights

Magento Association’s Address: Mathias and Vatsal from the Magento Association discussed community contribution and plans, including the development of a new Admin Interface and website for Magento open source.

Adobe’s Commitment to Open Source: Parul Sinha outlined Adobe’s approach to open source, unveiling the 2024 release schedule with significant improvements in performance and compatibility.

Inspiring Sessions: Vatsal Shah’s talk on The RED Framework emphasized resilience and discipline, while Vinai Kopp provided insights on Mage OS and recognized community contributions.

Diverse Tracks: Attendees explored sessions on emotional intelligence in leadership, Reward CLI, and the impact of neurodiversity testing in digital commerce, fostering opportunities for innovation and inclusivity.

Klizer: A Part of Meet Magento India 2024

We were proud to have Sivaranjani R., our ISTQB-certified tester with over a decade of experience in Software QA, discussing the Impact of Neurodiversity Testing in Digital Commerce. Attendees had the opportunity to gain valuable insights and actively participate in the discussion.

Meet Magento India Awards

The event led to the Meet Magento India Awards ceremony, recognizing outstanding projects and collaborations across various categories, followed by high tea and networking.

Closing Remarks and Cultural Experience

The day concluded with a vibrant drum show and closing remarks, followed by a visit to Manek Chowk, where attendees indulged in Ahmedabad’s culinary delights, marking the event as an unforgettable experience.

As attendees departed, they carried with them fond memories of Ahmedabad’s hospitality, culture, and cuisine, reflecting on a day filled with insights, connections, and innovation at Meet Magento India 2024.

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