Arlon Graphics

Resolving The Threat Of Security Breach With Our Network And Infrastructure Expertise.

Arlon Graphics

For Klizer, Arlon came on board as a very interesting client. They do something unique and it was exciting to take up this project. Arlon creates innovative visual materials which help artists across the globe. But, they also provide great solutions which benefit the graphics industry greatly. Over their years in the industry, they have helped many businesses set up visually rich branding. We really resonated with them on their customer centric approach. Founded in 1958, Arlon has grown from a flexible materials manufacturer to producer of bulk quality of cast vinyl for customers across the globe.


  • Security Audit
  • Security Fixes and Recommending Best Practice


  • Express Engine



The Journey of Klizer with Arlon itself is rewarding. The way this client came to us was quite interesting! As you know, we have a great relationship with PDC Healthcare and have been working with them for many years now. We were referred to Arlon Graphics by an ex-employee of PDC, who moved to this group. Arlon was looking for a service provider for his new company and we are glad that the first thought that popped into his mind was Klizer. Reiterating the fact that it was “rewarding”, because we are glad that we were able to build the trust and fulfill our client requirements for them to reach out to us again and again.


We conducted a periodic audit which was initially conducted by their parent company annually. But we primarily wanted to fix all issues pertaining to security score and the risks.

Our work

Our initial test case was carried out by the Network and Infrastructure team. Post this first step, we dug deeper using other tools we trust and formed a collective report on the security audit. The second stage of the process consisted of a collaborative work between Network & Infrastructure video and the development team. Starting from the security headers to the code audit and third party modules, each and every quality parameter was achieved. As the next step, the website was submitted for a re-audit.


From the initial audit, the website was at the score of D. On submitting the website for re-audit after our work, the score has been raised to A+.

How does this help:
– Decreases the risk of the website
– Various vulnerabilities and risk factors are addressed
– Helped the client secure the current website structure

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