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About Blue Sky

Blue Sky’s story began in sunny Southern California, with a simple idea to create high quality, stylish planning products for the masses. The quality of their products has created a loyal following of over 13 million users annually and elevated them to the #1 planner brand in the U.S.

The team at Blue Sky pride themselves on utilizing client feedback to develop planners their customers want to use. Because at the end of the day, they want to create beautiful, innovative products that empower their customers to manage their time, so they have the time to do more of what they love.



“Klizer has been a great partner for us and helped us to create a new site on Shopify. They completely helped us achieve our goals under a tight timeline with a clear understanding of our development requirements. Not only did we need to launch an eCommerce site, but they helped us with the rebranding, aspirational design, and a new direction in product categorization and navigational structure. It has been a pleasure to work with the team and we look forward to the next evolution.”

Wes Toyofuku

Sr. Director of Ecommerce, Blue Sky

Rebranding Story

Recognizing the need to take the opportunity to improve their customer experience, Blue Sky approached us looking for a product customization platform and Shopify professionals to redesign and rebrand their existing site and migrate to Shopify.

Initially, Blue Sky hosted its online store on a popular ecommerce platform. However, frequent updates did not work for Blue Sky’s business. So, when Blue Sky came across Shopify, with its enhanced functionality and customization they decided to make the Shopify transition.

Blue Sky wanted to integrate third-party apps and also customize functionalities within Shopify.

Blue Sky had a product personalization solution in place that lacked the needed business flexibility. The team searched for a personalization solution that will help their customers build new planner just the way they want it.

Simple, clean & easy-to-use website

Our design philosophy is ‘Don’t make me think’ – the site must be intuitive and the buying experience enjoyable. The client wanted the site to look good, but user experience (UX) mattered more. Once the basic philosophy was in place, Blue Sky and Klizer sat down to discuss the elements of the header, footer, and other navigational challenges. Notes were taken and after several iterations, wireframes were created, then fonts and visual elements were designed to best reflect the Blue Sky brand. The result is a clean and easy-to-use website.

Seamless migration of data

Experience is the new mantra and Blue Sky identified that Shopify could provide an exceptional ecommerce customer experience.

Once Blue Sky decided to migrate to Shopify, the first question that arose was that of data migration. How do you cross the ecommerce chasm of moving data from one platform to another, particularly when you have to move thousands of sensitive customer data and more than 150,000+ critical order history information?

Replatforming to Shopify had to be done without hindering Blue Sky’s customers’ ability to search, process, and ship orders. It was no small feat. From start to finish, the migration process took six full days and needed continuous monitoring. The hard work was worthwhile – Klizer’s Shopify experts migrated the data without a glitch.

Product Personalization

Product personalization was the first and foremost requirement of Blue Sky.

Productimize was integrated to personalize planners and notebooks. Using Productimize everything was customized – size, colors, cover material, cover design, name frames, font style, monogram style, binding color, and a plethora of add-ons. Apart from this the customer can preview, approve, save, share, and print their artwork.

Integrating Productimize enabled customers to create a product. When customers create a product, they own it. This personal connection helped increase the likelihood of purchase and usage.

Custom development for ecommerce business

Shopify is a highly flexible ecommerce platform that offers rich and customizable possibilities. The project plan included custom integration to expand the functionalities of Shopify and to improve the shopping experience of the customer.

Delighting clients by delivering engaging experiences

Blue Sky is growing, much like the many of the customers they serve. This was a journey they took to serve their customers better without being bound by the overhead of a more resource-intensive ecommerce platform.

The project was completed and delivered on time. From start to finish, the project took a total of nearly 12 weeks. This collaborative effort of redesign, rebranding, and re-platforming helped to create a highly functional and a beautiful, well-presented site.

Blue Sky hasn’t been in their new home for long, but already there are improvements in key metrics.

Result & Key Metrics

28% Pageview

52% Conversion rate

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