Enhance website performance and user experience by migrating from Magento Open Source to Adobe Commerce Cloud.

About Bottlestore

Osias Berk founded a company in 1910 specializing in collecting, washing, and re-selling glass jars and bottles. This was a time before plastic containers, threaded jars, or automatic bottle-making machinery had been invented!
Using horse-drawn carts to distribute supplies and competing with similar businesses in New York, Bottlestore had to fight hard to stay in business. Against all odds, Bottlestore has thrived for over a century by staying up-to-date with the latest technologies, and the company now specializes in ecommerce sales through


“Klizer has proved an excellent development partner over the past several years. We trusted them to come through on a major upgrade from open source to Adobe Commerce and we are very happy with the results since launch. Klizer tackles issues quickly and effectively as they arise, and we are thrilled with Seetha’s team leadership on our account.”

Jessie Kressen

Director of Marketing


Scalability and Performance

As the company expands, managing a substantial volume of products, transactions, and users strains the system, affecting scalability and performance. Adobe Commerce Cloud offers enhanced performance and scalability features, reducing downtime and improving loading speed to ensure a seamless user experience amidst business growth.

Security and Compliance

The client prioritized strong security for their current site. Adobe Commerce Cloud consistently releases updates and patches to fix vulnerabilities and also offers DDoS services and Fastly WAF for a secure online environment. These measures support in meeting industry standards and protecting customer data.

Need for Enhanced Features and Functionality

While Magento open-source offers flexibility, it may not fully meet our client’s requirements for providing diverse customer segments simultaneously. Adobe Commerce Cloud presents a comprehensive solution with tailored features designed to streamline B2B operations efficiently.

Solution Approach for Migration

Our team of certified and experienced developers followed best practices to ensure a successful migration.

Site Audit and Planning

Our team conducted a site audit of the existing Magento Open Source setup to identify customizations, extensions, and potential challenges. We developed a detailed migration plan.

Data Migration

We ensured a seamless transition of product data, customer information, order history, and other CMS contents to maintain continuity and prevent data loss during the migration.

Extension Compatibility

We evaluated existing custom extensions and ensured their compatibility with Adobe Commerce Cloud. We adapted and replaced extensions as needed to align with the new platform.

Performance Optimization

Klizer also worked on various strategies to enhance the speed, responsiveness, and overall efficiency of your ecommerce store.


Functionality and performance testing were conducted on the site to identify and address any issues.


The website has successfully transitioned to Adobe Commerce Cloud, featuring power-packed integrations and customizable features. These solutions have significantly improved the customer experience and streamlined business processes.

Enhanced Performance and User Experience

  • The migration to Adobe Commerce Cloud has led to significant improvements in website performance and user experience.
  • Users now enjoy faster loading times and smoother navigation, contributing to increased satisfaction and engagement.

Advanced Functionalities

  • Klizer’s thorough strategy, incorporating data migration and extension upgrades, has positioned for success.
  • The incorporation of customizable features and robust integrations boosts the platform’s capabilities, providing a competitive advantage in the market.

Ongoing Support and Maintainance

  • The Klizer Team’s ongoing support ensures that the Adobe Commerce Cloud store remains up-to-date with platform updates, security improvements, and other enhancements.
  • Regular maintenance efforts contribute to the site’s stability and security for seamless customer experiences and trust in the platform.

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