Setting Up A B2C Storefront For Holistic Personal Care.

About Essensy

Essensy was born as a concept in 2020 and has brought together a host of global products in their repository. Essensy came to us with the vision of elevating e-commerce experience for their target consumer base in the health and wellness space. Their aim was to provide health and wellness products that added incredible value to people, create a brand and ensure growth with a seamless eCommerce experience.

It is based out of Los Angeles, California. What really resonated with us was their unwavering focus on customer service. It also helped us work on the project because their meticulously curated production collections made delivering a shopping experience really exciting.

We aimed at providing Essensy with a platform that gave them just the base they needed for their trending beauty products which were unparalleled in quality and hold a high global value. Their unrivaled shipping speeds, strategic alliances with premium brands had to have an e-commerce platform that reflected their brand values and with this mission we carried out the implementation of this project.


Essensy Journey with DCKAP

With a similar vision and understanding their brand values completely, DCKAP went on to fulfil all of the Essensy projects. Right from the website creation to the QA process, we had the end consumer satisfaction in mind. It was a great opportunity for us and working on referrals is actually a great boost for our trust.


Shopify experts at DCKAP have always been cognizant of solving the digital eCommerce challenges of our clients.

Performance & Speed

The main challenges we faced were associated with performance and speed but the initial app launch aimed at fixing the issues in speed and performance

UI/UX Enhancement

Other challenges faced during the implementation, like the website’s UI/UX needed more enhancements and we had to find ways to ensure better visibility


Design & Development

Our certified Shopify developers optimized the website with an enhanced user experience to fulfill Essensy’s expectations. The design stage involved an intricate process to provide a fully customizable Shopify site to meet the ever-evolving necessities of the client and the end-users.

The Homepage, CMS(Content Management System) pages like Contact us, About us pages, PLP(Product Listing Pages), PDP(Product Display Pages), Track Order were designed to be intuitive and user-friendly to retain the visitor on the website for a longer time. PLP page has some customized attribute filters which allow users to search the products and provide a better user experience.


Shipstation was integrated to ensure all the orders would be quickly processed. All orders get dynamically synchronized to Shipstation, where logistics agencies are tagged for each order, making the shipping process convenient for all the concerned entities involved.

Swell Loyalty & Rewards

Swell was integrated to help Shopify merchants build a highly customizable loyalty program in a click.With Swell, customers can earn loyalty points in many ways: create a store account, interact with social media, make more purchases, refer their friends, review products etc..

SEO Implementation

DCKAP’s marketing activities mainly focused on Search Engine Optimization.To increase the credibility of the site, DCKAP came up with a few areas that can be worked on like the Internal & External Links optimization, Image and Content Optimization, Rich Snippets and suggestions along with Competitor Site comparison.

Website Compliances

Design & Development

Proper processes and workflows are essential for delivering excellence in a fast-paced environment.


GDPR is a regulation that requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions that occur within EU member states. And non-compliance could cost companies dearly. DCKAP ensured that Essensy’s website adhered to GDPR compliance, providing all the data and privacy of the customers were protected.


Essensy is now equipped with a completely transitioned Shopify Plus store and high-level integrations to ensure a better customer experience. In spite of the challenges faced, our technical team managed to hurdle through it with their expertise in Shopify Plus.Essensy expressed their satisfaction with the solutions provided by DCKAP as we managed to fix issues of customer satisfaction, the overall website performance, and on-time launch.

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