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Increased Conversions After Magento Version Upgrade And Magento Optimization.

About Film Tools

Filmtools is the go-to destination for creatives looking to source production equipment such as camera support, lighting, studio carts, grip, electrical, recordable media, hard drive, and memory card storage, audio equipment, and on-set expendables. Filmtools exists to advance filmmaking and creative content endeavors – proudly serving the Hollywood film industry and worldwide filmmaking community for two decades.

A passionate company built by filmmakers, photographers, educators, animators, developers, and creative doers who love to share experiences and equipment to help their customers achieve their goals.


“Immediately after Klizer helped us upgrade our website, we experienced our best month since switching to Magento 2. Your team helped us meet our deadline, going into our busy holiday season, while staying within budget. Our website is now performing extremely well, conversions are up and page loads have been cut in half. The amount of work that went in to QA really paid off as there were no setbacks when we went live.”

Joe Nunez

VP Ecommerce, FilmTools


The way websites are, have an effect on the perceived capability and quality of any business. When all it takes is 0.05 seconds for visitors to form opinions and make snap judgments, every brand ought to be cautious about how their website performs. Online stores have to be continually updated – launching products, adding new features, trying out new textures, security upgrades, and more, to ensure a positive customer experience. Although Filmtools has a dedicated in-house development team for maintenance and other aspects, Klizer has been helping from the last four years during critical times when their developers need Klizer’s help.


Recently, Filmtools wanted Klizer’s professional Magento Assistance to resolve the issues they had with the online store’s third-party theme and also to upgrade their Magento Commerce Cloud Version.

The third-party theme in use was affecting their website’s performance in real-time.
The website was not up-to-date with the latest security patches updates.
Many of their existing third-party extensions did not support the latest version of Magento EC 2.3.x
Filmtools also faced inevitable hiccups with Elasticsearch.


After a complete understanding of Filmtools’ existing concerns, Klizer was able to eliminate the bottlenecks that were affecting the performance of Filmtools and was not getting the traction they hoped. Below are the solutions we offered:
The third-party theme, that seemed strain, was removed and further replicated the design of an existing website with Luma Theme.
Complete optimization of the online was done that led to an increase in conversion rate.
The third-party modules that weren’t compatible were optimized with the latest version of Magento.
ElasticSearch was set up on their upgraded multi-website. Additionally, the sleek and lightweight Mega Menu and Sticky header were optimized, with NO compromise on user experience.

Custom Feature Development

Identify and prioritize custom features based on the project scope. Implement features such as brand-wise registration, branch-wise pricing, multiple UOMs, reorder pad, item restrictions, product sync workflow, and DAM integration.

Multi-Site Configuration

Configure the Adobe Commerce Cloud platform to support multi-site functionality. Set up sub-domains under and for each acquired brand.


After Klizer did what had to be done for the performance of the Filmtools website, the impact was felt. The right fixes at the right places made all the difference, ensuring both clients and customers’ had a beautiful experience. The work we did directly impacted the revenue of Filmtools, and at the end of the day, that is what every business envisions and what we precisely wanted to achieve. Let’s call it a win-win!
Page load time has reduced drastically.
Conversion Rate was two times higher than usual.
Database Load was reduced after we removed the theme.

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