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Hot Tools

Hot Tools is a key brand of Helen of Troy, which also houses various other top brands such as Revlon, Hydro Flask, OXO, Vicks, BRAUN, etc. Hot Tools develops appliances for professional hair stylists to meet challenges in the styling industry. Hot Tools are built by professionals, for professionals that are inspired by developing innovative hair styling tools, featuring breakthrough ergonomic designs and cutting-edge technology to help hair stylists achieve beautiful, long-lasting hairstyles.


  • UI and UX
  • Magento Implementation
  • Third-party Integration
  • Custom Module Integration
  • Unified Commerce (B2B and B2C) Implementation


  • Magento 2 Commerce


Feature-enriched Website

To serve the huge customer base of Hot Tools – consisting of distributors, stylists, and retailers, two websites were developed – one for B2B and another one for B2C. The websites were filled with a massive list of features, making sure all Magento features were used to the maximum extent.

  • The websites had a rich UI/UX experience.
  • Bluefoot CMS was used to make the page content-rich and admin-friendly.
  • Cross-sell and Up-sell were set up in all the strategic places.
  • One step checkout was implemented to enhance the shopping experience further.

Loads of Third-party Integration

Klizer wanted no stone unturned when it came to customer satisfaction. Hence, we decided to stretch Magento’s capabilities to the maximum extent and use extensions anywhere and everywhere possible to give the customer a seamless shopping experience. The gist of the notable extensions used are given below:

  • Aheadworks – Free shipping module
  • Amesty – Custom Forms
  • Amesty Elastic Search
  • Amesty Coupons
  • Amesty Promo Rules
  • Amesty Rules Pro
  • Amesty Security Authentication
  • Amesty Banners Lite
  • Paymetric – IME Paymetric Tokenize
  • IWD – Address Validation
  • Mage Delight Customer Price
  • Maze Plaza – Free Shipping Bar
  • Mirasvat – Fraud Detection
  • Magehit – Redirection

Custom Module Development

After installing all the required extensions and customizing them as per the requirements, a few customer experience patches still needed to be filled to provide a smooth shopping experience. Klizer stepped up the game and created custom modules to meet the needs.

  • Purchase Products in Cases – Allows B2B customers to purchase products in Cases
  • Quick Order Customization – For orders placed using CSV files, the quantities entered were converted automatically into cases.
  • Mapping Billing with Shipping Address – Based on the shipping address selected, the billing address will automatically be updated during checkout.
  • Licensed Customer’s Discount – Customers with the stylist license were given a discount percentage on all of their purchases post-approval from the admin. When the license expires, the customer would lose their discount automatically until they uploaded their updated license.

Customer Friendly
Pricing Strategies

Not all customers are the same. Apart from using the inbuilt catalog price and coupons for customers, we also made the shopping experience different for the B2B and B2C customers.

  • The B2B customers were allowed to purchase products in cases and based on the cases, the pricing, inventory, and orders were maintained for B2B customers.
  • Discounts were given based on the customer groups using catalog price rules.
  • As per the requirement, we even merged two catalog prices for a few special customer groups.
  • Customers were also allowed to use more than one coupon during checkout.

Matching the Oracle EBS Pricing

The website was integrated with Oracle EBS for pricing, orders, and inventory. The one major challenge faced in this integration was the price mismatch between Oracle EBS and Magento when discount coupons were applied. This mainly occurred due to the purchase of products in the B2B website as cases and not as individual units.
  • When any discount is applied to the cart, Oracle applies the discount on an individual case and then multiples it with the quantity present in the cart.
  • But, in the case of Magento, each Case is considered as a collection of product units, hence the discount was applied to each unit, then converted into a case, and finally multiplied with the added case quantity.
  • This led to prices being different due to precision and rounding off of the prices at different levels by the two systems.
  • This price mismatch led to orders being put on hold by the order management tool.
  • To overcome this, the core logic for the pricing calculation was overwritten to calculate the discounts similar to Oracle ERP.

Secure PCI Level
A Compliance for Payments

Taking serious note of website security, Klizer took steps to ensure the website was completely secure and the customers felt the same way. Apart from the SSL certificates, we also made sure the website was PCI Level A compliant for payments.

  • An iFrame form was embedded into the credit card section so the credit card number would not be stored by the website but tokenized and sent to the Paymetric gateway for processing. This ensured the website was completely PCI compliant.
  • To further protect against any fraudulent orders, extensions were used to check if the given address was valid and if the order placed was a genuine order.
  • If an address entered is not valid, it will alert the customer and will not allow them to proceed further.
  • Similarly, if an order is considered fraudulent, it would be put on hold and would need the admin’s approval for further processing. This helped in avoiding the loss of time and order management for the business.

Now Anyone Can Shop (ADA Compliance)

“Being disabled should not mean being disqualified from having access to every aspect of life.” – Emma Thompson

Klizer wanted to ensure that any customers who are differently abled would not have any issues accessing the website.

This goes beyond wanting the website to be compliant with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 AA (“WCAG 2.0 AA”) standard.

Adhering to ADA guidelines, Hot Tools provides the differently abled society a truly accessible website.

The website was completely audited post development to ensure it passed all the requirements to satisfy the WCAG 2.0 AA standards.

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