Magento 2.4 Implementation With Productimize Customization.

About IDentiphoto

IDentiphoto Company Ltd, was established in the year 1969. They are a leading ID technology systems integrator. Being the providers of enterprise-wide as well as identity management systems, they are expert providers of tracking and verification solutions. For all your ID system needs, they are your one stop solution. Their expertise lies in building custom software for mobile tracking requirements and they have emerged as coveted advisors and providers of ID card printers, printer ribbons & supplies, ID software, Identity cards, ID badge systems, ID badge holders, and card personalization services.

Their technology-driven and innovative solutions allow you to work with solutions to give your organization foolproof security. Additionally, their ID Consultants work with plenty of businesses and organizations to enhance security. They also hold merit in streamlining manual processes for increased efficiency and better resource management. The one ethos that we closely resonated with them on, was to keep up with new technologies and offer products that allow you to bring the best solutions for their customers.
They work with the likes of Brady People ID, Logitech, Canon, Vision Database and have a large network of solutions from leading manufacturers as a part of their product offerings.

They are a certified Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) and are also a part of the Identification Systems Dealers Association (ISDA) along with Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). Their strong network and presence in their circle is exemplary. We wanted to provide them with an online implementation that reflects this trust amongst consumers. They came to us primarily for using Klizer expertise for building their user interface and also for integrating it with Productimize. Here is how Klizer helped them attain their goals



“Our new Magento eCommerce site, developed by Klizer, is live and looks fantastic! We are so pleased with the look, feel, and navigation of our new site. Klizer made the entire process from conception to realization easy.”

Cindy Grcar

Marketing Specialist at Identiphoto Company

Delivering Design & Development

The IDentiphoto team chose to go for Magento 2.4 platform which involves:
This gave them the ability to customize the site based on their needs.
Our certified Magento developers were the main strength of this project. We aimed at delivering a brand new optimized website with enhanced user experience to bridge the gap between our client and their customers.
Talking from a technical perspective purely, our developers carried out improvements such as integrating valid codes that comply with current web standards,and work towards improving the overall functionality of the website. Here is how we combined Productimize integration with the UI/UX set up:

Productimize Integration

We used Productimize to Integrate with PDP for users to customize the product. We customized the ID Badge Backers with the help of productimize integration
Customers are now able to choose a background color, text color, font options, and font size for the Badge Backers based on their custom needs. The Customer is able to add multiple customized cards to the grid page by using the “add another card” option and also can update the cart from the grid page Productimize Integrations were enabled for products with customization option. By default, PDP will display the “Customize” button.


The Identiphoto website is now equipped with a transitioned Magento 2 store. We aimed at providing the ideal customizable features that give their customers a hassle free user experience. Our strong technical team was able to deliver the final product with client expectations being the primary base of our implementation.

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