Jergens Industrial Supply (JIS)

BigCommerce Migration and Prophet 21 Integration.

About Jergens Industrial Supply

Jergens Industrial Supply (JIS) Distribution LLC takes pride in being Ohio’s largest distributor of industrial products. Representing over 300 top manufacturers in the USA, JIS has placed several experienced staff at many different locations across the globe. One of the most coveted sections of JIS is being a Premier Autocrib distributor, offering custom vending solutions to consumers worldwide.

JIS is not only leading in its field of manufacturing but with the right technical know-how is making it quite easy for customers to carry out their purchases. It is a pioneer in adopting technology to make its products a lot more accessible, and we at Klizer are proud to have been a part of this journey with them! Let’s elaborate on the different aspects of our association with JIS, Division of Jergens.





JIS had been running its eCommerce store on a custom-built platform and wanted to migrate to an easily manageable and robust platform. For this, BigCommerce was chosen as a viable option.

ERP Software

The company uses Epicor P21: A comprehensive application purposeful for Industrial Distribution and for managing their back-end operations.


The company had its eCommerce platform on a custom-built platform. With difficulty in maintaining the website and P21 connection, JIS decided to go the SaaS way with Bigcommerce and DCKAP Integrator for integrating with P21.
JIS consists of a large number of stock-keeping units, which made searching for inventory challenging for the consumers. With difficulty in the search process, the direct impact was seen on sales and conversion-both. To address this, we adopted BigCommerce, which makes searching seamless for the consumer. For additional support, we used the Product Filter App as well.
The customer had to invest additional resources and time in making minor changes for the front end. For the same, they needed continual assistance from a developer. BigCommerce made it quite easy to make changes and with headless commerce, the front end became easily manageable as well.
Another big challenge faced by JIS was the syncing of offline orders into the customers’ website accounts. Tracking the offline orders on the website was also a hurdle for them earlier.

User Training and Adoption

Training users from different brands and branches on the new platform can be time-consuming, requiring efforts to ensure smooth adoption.

Brand Onboarding Process

Developing a streamlined onboarding process for global and brand websites necessitates clear communication and coordination.

Business Requirements

While the primary business requirement that was presented to us included migration to BigCommerce and adapting an ERP solution for better integration, we went ahead with the following solutions:


Klizer, with the help of its migration experts, helped JIS migrate to Bigcommerce with a responsive design and a seamless shopping experience.

Benefits After Implementation

DCKAP Integrator experts successfully rolled out the integration of the BigCommerce store and Epicor P21 ERP for JIS, implementing all the integration scenarios as required by the client’s business; especially for order synchronization. The custom-made platform made it quite challenging to maintain the website in the front end, but with BigCommerce, Klizer fixed this issue as well. All challenges presented for B2B and B2C eCommerce transactions were fixed with the connection of these apps and an easier process has ensued for our client.

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