Increased Conversions Through Responsive Design and Ensuring 99% Uptime Of Magento Enterprise Site Through QA Services.

About Riddell

Riddell Sports is an American company specializing in sports equipment for American football. Founded in 1929, Riddell is a premier designer and developer of protective sports equipment and a recognized leader in helmet technology and innovation. Being in the market for 90 years, they created and introduced cutting edge sports gear over the decades. Every time the sport evolved, Riddell designed helmets in lieu with the current trends and substantive innovations to enhance the player’s performance and the game. Klizer’s journey with Riddell began seven years ago, and to this date, we have been ensuring constant support and quality testing to the website so that it stays upkeep at all times.


Services Provided


“We had been working with a handful of different vendors, and at the time we realized that Klizer was way above the rest from in terms of communication and technical expertise. We knew that they were working for us and had our best interests in mind. One thing that I really appreciate from Klizer was their ability to communicate. Their communication skills were above and beyond what I have experienced with vendors. The relationship was such a great fit that we brought on Klizer employees in-house to work with us directly.”

Dan Schuessler

Digital Project Manager, Riddell

Optimizing Experiences

Apart from product innovation, Riddell keeps building on the strengths of online technologies. Analytics showed that more than 60% of its traffic was through mobile. However, the conversions from mobile were not in line with the traffic. That is where we came in. Klizer was tasked with creating a unified shopping experience across multiple devices. Converting Riddell to responsive was not a straightforward task. As mentioned above it had three integrated platforms, one of which was a sub-domain. Klizer worked with Riddell in providing exemplary QA services to their website. The online portal went through various phases of testing, such as Functional, Mobile, Security Checks, Performance, Automation, and Cross Browser Testing. This, in turn, helped Riddell by bringing in 60% more site visits.

Product Configurator Pages

The website handled 700-1,000 consecutive users at any given time.

Mobile UX Optimization

We custom tailored much of the functionality to optimize the experience for mobile & tablet users.

Image Optiization

We converted the images to SVG files to ensure clarity while allowing images to scale appropriately for the device size.

ERP Integration

SAP Magento Integration

Well, we achieved real-time, data synchronization between SAP and Magento without compromising the security and user experience. Riddell wanted a robust-but-scalable middleware that could handle seamless data integration between front and back-end systems. We did deliver one with quality more than they asked for. Our Magento SAP Integration is designed using SOAP WSDL and is capable of handling automatic data transfer of Orders, get the tax from SAP and scheduled data transfer of Inventory updates, shipment updates,..etc With this integration, Riddell is now effectively handling more than 60,000 orders per month accounting for a 40% increase in revenue through ecommerce sales.

QA Services

Below are the varied testing types that have been implemented by Klizer’s QA experts for riddell.com in order to deliver a best-in-class website.

Functional Testing

Functional testing is one of the vital components in Quality, and it was our responsibility to ensure all the functionalities of the application are working perfectly. Doing this has reduced customer service support calls as quality website communicates for itself with the visitors, thereby needing no external clarifications.

Automation Testing

We have automated core functionality test cases using WebdriverIO Mocha Framework. As a result of this, the test automation suite reduced the regression testing cycle time by ¼ th of the actual time and delivered outlandish progress towards the website.

Security Check

Protecting our systems and sites with the right plan in place keeps the website healthy and secure. We are regularly testing the security-related issues reported by WhiteHat system to ensure our client application is more secure. Also, we have examined the Zip code validation functionality developed by our developers, and this turned out to be beneficial for Riddell as it helps in reducing the unwanted orders.

Performance Testing

For every website, performance is what matters. Issues like snail speed upkeep time, slow loading, and so on, can deter the customer’s experience. To overcome this, we did performance testing before Holiday promotion sale to make sure Riddell website is stable even at the high number of traffic, and the site hits were 50 % greater than the normal time period.

Mobile Testing

Mobile responsive sites is not an option anymore, but a necessity as millions of users check websites with their phone. So the onus was on us to ensure the site gives the best mobile viewing experience, and the results we delivered speaks for itself: user visits increase from 44% to 60%, and 42% to 1.4% bounce rate. We did responsive testing to ensure the website becomes easy to use across all platforms for the end users.

Cross Browser Testing

It is essential to ensure the website gives the same response rate across all browsing platforms. To achieve this, we detect critical bugs at an early stage of the release itself, thus ensuring higher productivity by doing cross-browser testing, which reduces the adverse experiences faced by the end users in browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE edge(Mobile platform)

Result & Key Metrics

60% Traffic Increase

11% Bounce Rate

99.99% Uptime

100% Satisfaction

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