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Ecommerce Enhancement with Adobe Commerce (Magento) and DCKAP Integrator

About Rigid Hitch

Rigid Hitch, established in 1957 and headquartered in Burnsville, Minnesota, is a family-owned manufacturer and distributor of trailer hitches, towing accessories, trailer parts, and truck accessories. With an ISO 9001:2015 certification, they serve businesses nationwide, including auto parts stores, hitch installation shops, auto dealers, rental stores, and direct consumers.


Business Challenges

Rigid Hitch was running their ecommerce store on Magento itself, and they wanted to optimize it using the functionalities of DCKAP Integrator which would integrate different functionalities between ERP Prophet 21 and the ecommerce platform Magento. This equipped distributors with the ability to drive operational excellence to run their Ecommerce stores. The primary challenges included:

Ecommerce Implementation

Home Page

The home page features a banner carousel, showcasing feature categories, products, brands, top categories, and related products for an engaging user experience.

Attributes and Attribute Set Configuration

Retained attributes and attribute sets from the Magento backend, ensuring consistency and organization in product information.

Customer Registration

Designed registration forms for both B2B and B2C with online and offline sync. Varied pricing is implemented for Guest users, Retailers, and Dealers, catering to different customer types.

Product Search

Leveraged Elastic search for an enhanced search experience, providing auto suggestions, partial search, search analytics, and auto spell corrections.

Menu Navigation

Implemented a mega menu for easy and intuitive navigation, enhancing the overall user experience.

My Account

Introduced an invoice payment option, allowing customers to make payments against invoices. Provided visibility into due payment terms (pending – 30, 60, and 90 days). Enabled price file download for all product item prices.

Product Listing Page

Display products from selected categories along with a prominent Part Finder on the product listing page. Products are listed with flairs based on client requirements, and the Part Finder allows customers to find exact products by choosing the year, make, model, category, and style.


Integrated with Avalara tax to simplify tax calculations, ensuring accuracy and compliance.


Utilized ShipperHQ for enhanced shipping carrier options. Validated shipping addresses using LOB.com API, providing notifications to the customer service team in case of potential delivery issues.

Payment System Integration

Klizer facilitated the integration of Worldpay, PayPal, and credit line payment methods to enable a seamless checkout process.

Quick Order:

Implemented quick order imports supporting XLS/XLSX download/upload, along with CSV file compatibility for efficient order processing.

Store Locator

Utilized Magento 2 Store Locator to create and display an unlimited number of shop locations on a map and provided customizable information such as name, address, working time, etc., enhancing the offline shopping experience.


Implement responsive design for an enhanced user experience.
Perform data migration for categories, brands, products, CMS pages, blogs, customers, and orders.
Utilize Cloras for integration services, covering Customer Sync, Product Sync, Price Sync, Inventory Sync, Orders Sync, Order Processing Sync, and more.
Integrate features such as Part Finder, Taxation with Avalara, ShipperHQ for shipping options, and various payment methods.
Enhance product listing pages, implement a store locator, and incorporate dynamic pricing.
Robust testing, including Functional, UI/UX, Integration, System, UAT, Responsive, Compatibility, and Cross-Browser testing.

Key Features

Part Finder for model search.
Different pricing structures for customer types.
Customized customer account configurations for B2B and B2C.
Flair concept in product listing (e.g., factory shipped, special order, in stock, out of stock).
Google Analytics and Google Feed implementation.
Customizations in P21 for pricing updates, unique ID creation, and more.

Executive Summary:

Rigid Hitch collaborated with DCKAP to revamp their ecommerce site, achieving a fully functional, optimized, and responsive platform. The integration of Magento and Prophet 21 through DCKAP Integrator resulted in real-time synchronization, enabling Rigid Hitch to make informed business decisions and enhance operational efficiency.

ERP Integration with DCKAP Integrator

It is essential to have real-time data at the right places to strengthen business operations and efficiency. DCKAP Integrator puts consistent data back and forth between critical data points to track business, access pivot data, and act on customer queries. Check out the business use cases integrated with DCKAP Integrator

Customer Sync

Data Flow: Magento 2 ⇔ P21 ERP

Products Sync

Data Flow: P21 ERP => Magento 2

Inventory Sync

Data Flow: P21 ERP => Magento 2

Order Sync

Data Flow: P21 ERP => Magento 2

Offline Order Sync

Data Flow: P21 ERP => Magento 2

Order Processing Sync

Data Flow: P21 ERP => Magento 2

Dynamic Fetch Customer

Data Flow: P21 ERP => Magento 2


Enhanced User Experience

Responsive design and feature improvements ensure a seamless, user-friendly experience, boosting satisfaction.

Dynamic Pricing Success:

Personalized pricing enhances flexibility, tailoring the shopping journey for different customer types.

Operational Efficiency

Real-time synchronization between Magento and Prophet 21 streamlines operations, keeping critical functions up-to-date.

Customer Satisfaction Boost

Custom features, like a dynamic Part Finder, contribute to improved engagement and overall satisfaction.

Informed Decision-Making

Accurate data flow facilitates better decision-making for pricing, inventory, and customer service.

Successful Integration Impact

Seamless integration with DCKAP Integrator solidifies Rigid Hitch’s competitive stance in ecommerce.

Operational Excellence Assurance

Ongoing support ensures operational excellence, vital for sustained success and customer satisfaction.


This collaboration led to a successful ecommerce transformation, providing Rigid Hitch with a competitive online presence, efficient operations, and an enhanced customer experience. The platform now stands as a testament to the power of seamless integration and optimization in the ecommerce landscape.
The ecommerce overhaul improved customer experience, driven by pragmatic elements like responsive design, dynamic pricing, and personalized features, ultimately augmenting customer satisfaction.
Automation and effective utilization of real-time data had a tangible impact on revenue, enabling Rigid Hitch to make data-driven decisions conducive to business expansion.
Real-time synchronization supports operational efficiency, ensuring critical functions remain current and contributing to overall operational streamlining.

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