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Saffron Splash

Saffron Splash’s long term goal is to gain a wider audience and bring experimental shorts to everyday cinema and streaming platforms. Ann Huang, the Director, is an experimental filmmaker and poet based in Newport Beach, California. She has authored one chapbook and two poetry collections. In addition, she has written and directed two short films based on her poetry. It has produced two award-winning films based on her poetry books. The books gained wide acclaim in the film festival circuits. They strive to make avant-garde films that bring out the interconnection of a person’s daily living with the person’s unconscious selves.


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Saffron Splash


The short films and videos based on Ann Huang’s poetry were displayed on the home page of the static website they had and were even available to be downloaded by anyone if needed. To download the video, the customer had to be redirected to the Amazon Prime’s page, where anyone could buy the video on a subscription basis. But Saffron Splash wanted to manage the content in a better way by posting videos and payment details on their own site.

Choosing the Right Technology

The primary desire of the client was to implement SEO services for their website. Though, after in-depth discussions with Klizer, they were advised that the ideal platform for their business would be BigCommerce which is a SaaS-based platform and can be used for quick website creation. A BigCommerce site can be easily maintained by the merchants, as managing the content would not need a developer’s support. The affordable pricing structure and the inbuilt SEO features impressed the client. Considering the performance of BigCommerce being faster when compared to their competitors, Saffron Splash decided to go for it.

Cutting Complexity

One of the main objectives of the client was that they didn’t want the videos to be downloaded but wanted it to only be viewed by the customers. The ‘Press’ page of the website showed the number of ‘likes’ each video had received. They wanted to sell and advertise the films on their own site, so, the promotions were made easier with the SEO services we offered, like including the coupon code to get discounts on the book store they have and receive newsletters if subscribed. This, in turn, will create more traffic for the brand.

Adding Agility

Klizer made sure the website compiled with all the state laws that our clients operate in, relating to data, accessibility, and privacy. This ensures that there is more trust with the customers and users who use the website. This also keeps our client immune from lawsuits related to these areas.

The look and feel of the website were enhanced starting with the static banner displayed on the home page.

A carousel was included for the viewers to see the latest updates on the films that, when clicked, would redirect to the Product Display Page (PDP)

Options like ‘Rent’ a video (for a particular time period) and ‘Buy’ a video was included in the website, and there was no longer a need for the user to be redirected to Amazon Prime’s page.

When a video’s ‘watch now’ button was clicked on, from within the ‘My Account’ page, the video pops-up on the same page. This makes it easier to view, rather than the information opening in a new tab.

The ‘Likes’ functionality was added to the ‘Press’ page in order to keep track of the number of people who are fond of the film.

Social media sharing options take the customers who click on it to their own social pages. This makes sharing the content much easier.

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