Solid Surface

Redefining E-Commerce Experiences With Magento 2 And Productimize.

About Solid Surface, a division of SurfaceNet LLC, headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, is the only online marketplace for the decorative surfacing industry where you can find solid surface material from all of the top manufacturers in one place. In addition to their own 12,000 sq. ft. warehouse, they partner with over 50 manufacturers and distributors nationwide to market their inventories of stocked, overstocked, discontinued surfacing materials and related products.


An Unmatched Experience

Earlier, the company was using Magento 1 and had a preference for Magento as a platform and ecosystem. They were looking for best practices in design that will appeal to the new generation of customers. They also wanted to automate the processes for the employees and end customers.

The Quest for Personalization

Having an extensive range of decorative products, Solid Surface faced a major hurdle of customers looking for more specifications on vanity tops, such as customizable breadth and width which would fit into the spaces that already exist. Another barrier was the group based pricing – various vanity tops possess several attributes (colors, sizes, specs, etc.) and the prices for each of them keep varying.

Solid Surface wanted to associate with someone who is well-versed in providing an enhanced eCommerce experience for customers. This is why they chose to move forward with our SaaS-based platform, Productimize, as the custom configurator to enhance existing services.

Endless Customizations through Productimize

Productimize was a product customization solution built for enterprises that enhance the profit margin and transform customers into brand ambassadors.

The key features implemented for Solid Surface are as follows:

Change Prices

The prices for the vanity tops vary depending on the customer’s choice of color, material, size, etc..

Left/Right Edges

Customizing the edges of the vanity tops (back edge, front edge, left edge and right edge).

Width and Breadth Based Tiles

The customers can design according to the space available.

Real-Time Visuals

With a single touch, the screen will transform to show what the products look like in real time.

Easy to Use UI

A hassle-free shopping experience through a seamless user interface.

Third-Party Integrations & Extensions

At present, there are rarely any eCommerce systems that do not require any kind of third-party integration. The eCommerce ecosystem has transformed into a whole new level. The availability of specialized plug-ins helps in catering to every type of business. To elevate the experience, Magento 2 Developers at Klizer have implemented the following third-party integrations/extensions.


The client wanted to make sure that they don’t lose out on any SEO juice with the implementation. They were looking to maintain the quality of the SEO. So, we decided to concentrate on maintaining the value of the SEO and have implemented the same in the new site.

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