South Jersey Papers

Adopting DDI EComm Pro Core Functionalities For A Better Visual Enhancement.

About South Jersey Papers

It is always a delight to work with DDI eComm Pro customers. South Jersey Papers was a DDI customer and wanted to make their site look and feel even better. This entity is the leading food service disposables, Parts, and equipment distributor.

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The current website DDI eComm Pro version 2 was not user-friendly.
The checkout flow and the customer registration were the main gap between the workflow logic.
Their site traffic was quite low even though the sales on different dissemination channels was high. The online sales were quite low in terms of the traffic.
We had to revamp the search bar too. It was not intuitive for different customers to search for the products which matched their needs.
Overall, we wanted to fix the issue of website performance as it was really slow and it was a major block for the website’s growth.

Major problems faced by South Jersey Papers

The major issue South Jersey Paper faced was the responsiveness across the website. They were looking to increase the usability for the customers.
Managing 150k SKUs was a difficult process whenever there were updates on the product content.
One of the biggest challenges was the syncing transactions between the website and Inform ERP [Klizer used DCKAP Integrator to fix the problem of sending from Magento to DDI Inform, which the customer needed for their process automation].

Business Requirements

Incorporating a new design to make the responsiveness of the website better.
Leveraging the default functionalities of Magento OpenSource to achieve better usability.
Real-time integration between the website and DDI Inform using DDI eComm Pro solution.

Customer Email Synchronization: The winner of the implementation

The up-to-date customers, orders, and Inventory were synced between Magento and DDI Inform ERP.

Introducing different functionalities

Klizer introduced a number of functionalities keeping the demand of both- our client and their customers in place. So, we also introduced Dual search and one search for all products except parts, services and equipments. For these we implemented a different search process.

Key takeaways

With this project, we successfully utilized the Porto theme and customized it to the needs of DDI eComm Pro to increase the website usability for the targeted consumer base of The idea was to ensure that both search and checkout options were used efficiently and tightly integrated with DDI Inform ERP.


Klizer primarily helped South Jersey Papers set up their custom eCommerce website using Magento. This helped them enhance their listing and improved customer usability with a more efficient search and checkout system.

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