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Delivering a Faultless Backend With Thorough Quality Analysis Process

Client Overview

SRS Distribution Inc is a group of leading, independent roofing distributors with a uniform goal and purpose. They are focused on serving the professional roofing contractors with their innovative solutions. SRS is a private company sponsored by Leonard Green & Partners and Berkshire Partners. Led by a team of veterans, SRS Distribution Inc is guided by topmost veterans in the roofing industry.

SRS Distribution Inc was founded in February 2008. Since its inception, it has rapidly grown and acquired and opened multiple new locations for roofing supply throughout the United States.

While they have achieved many different milestones over their span in the industry, they launched the Roof Hub Mobile application in the year 2019 in the International Roofing Expo. The Roof Hub Mobile app does not only give you the details about the order but also helps you stay accessible to the delivery invoices with the help of just a click.


  • UI and UX Enhancements
  • Magento 2 Implementation
  • Integration w/ DCKAP Integrator


  • Magento


Launch of Roof Hub Desktop

The Roof Hub desktop is the extension of the mobile application which was launched at the 2020 International Roofing Expo at Dallas. This application includes all the features from the mobile application and also several new features such as real-time delivery tracking, auto photo upload after delivery,weather alerts and details about the supplier promotion which are the biggest requests from the contractors. Klizer’s journey with SRS Distribution Inc started five years back and till today we are responsible for the Quality Analysis of all the products and services delivered by them on the online platform.

Our services

Below are the types of testing our QA professionals have done in the Roof Hub Pro desktop application.
  • Functional Testing
  • UI/UX Testing
  • Mobile responsive Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Multi Language Website Testing

Functional Testing

Functional testing is a critical part of quality assurance. The application involved many crucial features like creative and effective dashboard with helpful features like Create New Order , New Order Template that are designed to the contractors to manage all inventory order needs with a simple flow. We tested key features like real-time delivery tracking, allowing users to see exactly know where the materials they are looking for . The application also includes weather alerts, supplier promotion rebate tracking, and a Need More function which allows users to order additional material for an existing project just like reorder with customization.

Hence rigorous functional testing has been performed, such that there is no break in the flow. Our tester mainly implemented logical scenarios on branch, account number, item details in create order feature to make sure that there is no requirement gap or functional break.Similarly, an effective field validation has been applied to all fields provided in Supplier Promotion,
Account Creation, Create Order such that only valid data is fetched from the user.

The application involved features like Map Marker incorporated in Invoice Page, Show past order based scenarios in their Weather Page , Weather hail event indication in map supported by Predictivesales AI that all depends on real time information. All of this needs an effective in and out flow based functional testing which is performed to know that all information is fetched and displayed to the users as expected under all conditions accurately. Effective function testing is performed on all the modules such that contractors can use the application more efficiently to scale the business to heights that is glitch free.

UI/UX Testing


As it is the base for the user interaction with the application, it is quite an essential requisite to verify that all interfaces enabled in the website are displayed and works as expected.

Particularly this application involves a number of user interfaces to handle the Order, Invoices, Order tracking, Hail events with the help of different features such as:

  1. Location tracking
  2. Invoices
  3. Order Creation
  4. Location with branch and location finder
  5. Weather map


Execution and verification of all UI’s under different scenarios was carried out across the application to ensure their accessibility, which leads to smooth usability feel to the end-user. Rigorous UI/UX testing have been done, considering User experience as priority such that an easy and flawless application is delivered.

Mobile Responsive Testing

The need for a Website to be consistent in mobile devices has been greater than ever before. Roof Hub mobile application was rendered in such a way that all the desktop features are accessible to its user in a Responsive view too.

Especially this application involved Delivery Map, Invoice Map, Weather Map, Table like structure in Order creation and in Order Template, Calendar type filter pop ups, hence a keen responsive testing is carried out, to ensure that website used in mobile by user has the same feel like how it was in the desktop view.

To ensure a seamless experience, testing was performed in different mobile devices that have different resolutions and different OS (Android, iOS). Mobile testing is mainly done to make sure that the website is able to render well enough in different resolutions without any design break and able to work with the same consistency as in Desktop view.

Compatibility Testing

Roof Hub application is built in such a way that a lot of real-time information about your orders, delivery details, invoices are all fetched and updated to the users. Examples of primary features that we tested include:

  1. Deliveries that uses real-time GPS tracking
  2. Location tracker that tracks users orders in real-time using GPS tracking
  3. Weather – forecasted hail events and other drastic weather events across the country.

Hence an effective compatibility testing is a must to make sure that all these real time tracking are working promptly in all environments.

Hence a prominent compatibility testing was performed to make sure that features of the application are able to respond well in all environments. A full Fledged end to end functional and UI based testing is conducted in different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) , OS ( Windows, Mac) and Mobile platforms ( Android,iOS) to ensure that all features of the application are supported and works accurately considering the different platforms of execution.

As this is a multi- language Website need for compatibility testing is more than ever before, as the website needs to respond appropriately according to the browser language setting ,the OS installed etc.

MultiLingual Testing

Klizer made sure the website compiled with all the state laws that our clients operate in, relating to data, accessibility, and privacy. This ensures that there is more trust with the customers and users who use the website. This also keeps our client immune from lawsuits related to these areas.


Multi- lingual testing has been a crucial part of our testing. Roof Hub application is built in a way to support audiences of English and Spanish. The entire site’s language gets updated just by a simple process of allowing their user to choose the language they want the site to be in.


An efficacious multi-lingual testing is done across the application , such that the look and feel is similar with no glitch in functionality.

Character encoding miss has been a great challenge, bugs have been reported at a very early stage , such that live websites became pitch-perfect.


We ensured that intricate testing has been carried in and out to verify that character encoding has taken place appropriately, the application is able to respond well as per the language selected, the functionality is not missed anywhere and there is no break in UI controls and design due to the instant language change option.

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