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About Sugarfina

Sugarfina is a gourmet candy boutique for adults, featuring the finest, highest-quality sweets from around the world. Known for their cocktail-inspired confections such as Champagne Bears, Peach Bellini gummies and Single-Malt Scotch Cordials, Sugarfina has become the destination for luxury gifting and events. More than three-quarters of the collections are exclusive to Sugarfina in the U.S.


Helping Sugarfina to grow

Sugarfina website was given a facelift to meet the growing market demand and business competition. Enhanced features were developed to allow customers to buy or gift exclusive gourmet candies. We also went ahead and allowed customers to customize candy boxes by just a click of a button. We helped them adapt to the fast-changing market environment by updating the website with requested changes in no time and made sure the website was available 24×7 without any issues.

Customizing candy boxes

Bento Box

is a feature that allows customers to customize candy boxes. Customers can choose a Bento Box in various sizes. Once chosen they can customize each unit of the box with their favourite candies. Customers can also gift this customized box to their loved ones.

Candy Drop

is another innovative feature Sugarfina came up with to help customers who were not sure of which candies would tickle the taste buds of their loved ones. We let customers purchase candy boxes and gift it to their loved ones. On receiving the gift online, the recipient can customize the box with candies of their taste. Candy drop saw huge increase in sales once launched.

Magento commerce cloud - Maintenance and Bug Fixes

We provide support maintenance for the Magento 2 commerce cloud to ensure smooth functioning of the website. Bug are fixed within a short span of time ensuring the site is never crippled with any issues. The quick turn around time ensures business is as usual for our client and customers everyday.

Feature enhancements

We always make sure our client has all the features and tools to have a competitive edge over their competitors. Coordinating with the client’s marketing team, all their required features are implemented in a very short span of time. We ensure that the customers have a hassle-free shopping experience helping them enjoy the sweetness of the candies and share it with their loved ones.

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