Optimizing Ecommerce Operations through Integration and Customer Management

TechSpan Company

Techspan, a leading manufacturer and distributor of electrical and automotive components, has been operating in the ecommerce space for approximately 8 years. With over 18,000 products across various categories, Techspan sought to optimize its online presence and streamline its order management process.


  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Customer Management



Magento to Prophet 21 through DCKAP integrator



  • Techspan faced a significant problem with its old online selling platform.
  • This platform looked and worked in an outdated format, making it difficult for customers to use and order products.
  • This also made Techspan’s brand look antiquated and less modern. It wasn’t UI and UX-friendly, which was also not good for the brand’s reputation.
  • It was clear that they needed to do something different to solve this problem.


  • To address the above challenges, Techspan turned to Klizer for help. Klizer’s team analyzed the situation and formulated a comprehensive solution.
  • They proposed integrating Prophet 21 ERP (P21) with the Magento 2 – now Adobe Commerce — ecommerce platform to improve order management.
  • This integration would provide a unified dashboard for customers and order organization within the Magento admin.


The collaboration between Techspan and Klizer yielded remarkable results:
  1. Improved Order Management:
    The integration of P21 ERP with Magento2 brought about a customer and order dashboard that significantly enhanced the order organization process. All order information was now accessible and well-organized within the dashboard.
  2. Enhanced Customer Experience:
    The implementation of new features and a modern web design led to a noted improvement in customer satisfaction. Customers found it easier to navigate the platform, resulting in higher engagement and increased online order entries.

Metrics and Results

  1. Order Entry Efficiency:
    The website’s line items entered exceeded those processed by a regular customer service representative, showcasing the effectiveness of the new system.
  2. Increased Online Sales::
    Within the last 12 months, online sales through the website contributed to approximately $3.5 million, accounting for 10% of total sales.

Customer Experience

Techspan’s experience with Klizer was positive
  1. Efficient Collaboration:
    Klizer demonstrated smooth communication and prompt service. Their understanding of Techspan’s requirements facilitated a smooth workflow.
  2. Accommodating Customizations:
    Klizer’s ability to accommodate customizations was a major advantage, ensuring the solution was customized to Techspan’s specific needs.
  3. Future Growth and Expansion:
    Techspan’s plans for future growth involve building upon its current ecommerce foundation:
  4. Continuous Improvement:
    Techspan aims to further enhance the website by incorporating new features and functionalities.
  5. Focus on Product Information:
    The company’s immediate focus lies in refining images, descriptions, and other essential product details to provide customers with comprehensive information.


With a solid foundation in place, Techspan’s future growth prospects remain promising as they continue to leverage Klizer’s expertise to innovate and excel in the ecommerce landscape.

Increased online sales

Improved order management

Revitalized online presence

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