Valin Corporation

Elevating performance through Element Payment Integration,
Seamless Data Integration, Robust Security Enhancements, and customized Checkout.

Valin Corporation

  • Valin Corporation is a leading technical solutions provider for the technology, energy, life sciences, natural resources, and transportation industries.
  • The company offers various products such as valves, pumps, motors, sensors, instrumentation, and other industrial automation components.
  • For over 45 years, Valin has offered personalized order management, on-site field support, comprehensive training, and applied expert engineering services utilizing automation, fluid management, precision measurement, process heating, and filtration products.
  • The corporation was recently recognized as the 37th Largest Private Company in Silicon Valley by the Silicon Valley Business Journal and came in at #49 on Industrial Distribution’s Big 50 List.

Services Provided

  • Element Payment Integration
  • Data Integration
  • Security Enhancement
  • Checkout Customization


  • BigCommerce
  • Epicor Prophet 21


Prophet 21 Integration with DCKAP Integrator
  • Element Payment Integration
  • Data Integration
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Checkout Customization


Client Challenge

Valin Corporation faced the following challenges:
  • They use a special way to take payments called “Element payment,” but their online store doesn’t support it.
  • They had trouble keeping track of orders, customers, and other important information. They had to do a lot of things manually, and sometimes they made mistakes.
  • They wanted to make sure their online server was safe and only the right people could use it.
  • Checkout Customization

Element payment Implementations

  • Valin has used the Element payment on their existing platform since they are using the Epicor P21 system.
  • Since P21 supports element payment very efficiently they are not ready to move to other payment methods.
  • However, there is a limitation on BigCommerce on the payment methods.
  • The BC does not support the Element payment method.
  • Hence we have implemented the Element payment method with the help of BigCommerce open source checkout.


Klizer helped customize the payment method with the help of the Element payment API’s. We have implemented the authorization alone on BigCommerce. Once the order is placed with the Element payment method the order will be processed to the P21 with the help of DCKAP Integrator jobs. Once the orders are processed the P21 order information will be updated on the BigCommerce orders with DCKAP Integrator pipes.
  • They made the online store work with the Element payment method.
  • They set up a way for Valin to automatically share information between their online store and their business management system. This way, they didn’t have to do as much manual work, and the information was always up to date.
  • They added an extra layer of security to make sure only authorized people could use Valin’s online server.
  • They changed the checkout process on the online store to make it match what Valin wanted.

Integration Pipelines

Customer and Contact Sync

Effortless customer journey, order tracking, CMS data to ERP, simplified order management.

Data Flow: P21 ⇔ Bundle B2B ⇔ BigCommerce

ShipTo Sync

P21 ShipTo records are created as shipping addresses for Bundle B2B companies that have P21 ShipTo IDs.

Data Flow: P21 => Bundle B2B

Product Sync

P21 product items are transformed into products in BigCommerce, with their attributes represented as custom fields.

Data Flow: P21 => BigCommerce

Customer Part Number Sync

Customer part number data from P21 is synchronized with BigCommerce products.

Data Flow: P21 => BigCommerce

Orders Sync

Orders placed on BigCommerce are synchronized with P21 using DCKAP Integrator through scheduled jobs. Once an order is processed and completed, the status and P21 order details are updated in BigCommerce.

Data Flow: BigCommerce ⇔ P21

Lead Time Sync

Product lead times from P21 to BigCommerce are managed by the DCKAP integrator jobs.

Data Flow: P21 ⇔ BigCommerce

Inventory Sync

Real-time inventory levels are periodically updated from P21 to BigCommerce.

Data Flow: P21 ⇔ BigCommerce

Quote and Invoices Sync

Quotes and invoices from P21 are synced to BigCommerce, allowing P21 companies to showcase them on their accounts pages.

Data Flow: P21 ⇔ BigCommerce

Real-Time Pricing Calls

Real-time pricing for products is updated on the website storefront for both guest users and P21 customers through optimized real-time API calls.

Data Flow: P21 ⇔ BigCommerce


This helped Valin in several ways:
  • They could now use their special Element payment method on their online store.
  • They didn’t have to do as much manual work, so they made fewer mistakes and worked faster.
  • Their online server became more secure.

Benefits of BigCommerce P21 Integration

Valin is ready to start a digital transformation that improves productivity, increases employee work speed, and streamlines backend processes, beginning by integrating their ecommerce and ERP, which has been made possible by DCKAP Integrator’s connectors.

With the integration handling the data flow for all the business-critical data pertaining to orders, customers, and more, the company now with automated workflows can eliminate data chaos, make well-informed decisions with data, simplify the day, and achieve efficiency.


Valin Corporation faced challenges with its online sales and business management. DCKAP helped them integrate their online store with their business system, allowing for the use of their preferred payment method, reducing manual work, and increasing security. These changes led to improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Valin Corporation offered their preferred payment method for easier customer purchases.

Operations became more efficient, reducing errors and expediting order processing.

Enhanced security measures ensured the safety of their online server and data.

We take the guesswork out of ecommerce.
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