Howard Supply

Igniting Growth With Magento And P21 Integration

Howard Supply

Howard Supply provides its customers with the best combination of products, services, and value available. HSC offers a complete line-up of products and services to the Oilfield, Mining, and Industrial Markets from over 20 stores and repair centers. They stock over 90,000 items throughout their locations.

With their 80-year history, they have developed a heritage and culture of excellence and service. In doing so, Howard Supply has become the premier value-added supplier to the well-servicing segment of the oil and gas industry.

Ecommerce Services

  • UI and UX Implementation
  • Magento 2 Implementation
  • Epicor P21 Integration


  • Magento 2 Commerce

Imperative Move

Being a complete oilfield supplier & service center, Howard Supply’s revenue fluctuates based on oil pricing. Their revenue is high when the oil price is high. With oil prices hitting their low in recent times, they decided to diversify their market by venturing into new areas. They realized that moving online and selling their products through an eCommerce website would add value to this cause.

HSC’s requirement was to build a website with a familiar user experience that the customer would be comfortable with. They wanted to partner with someone who could assist them in getting the desired result. Klizer helped them in pursuing their goal by developing an ecommerce website using Magento 2 with Epicor P21, which met the expectations of the customer.

Online Experience

Refreshing online experience and having a good web design are vital for any B2B business, as it helps boost revenue, improve search rankings, and reduce bounce rates. Our goal was to let the website define the brand at its best. The overall UX experience was enhanced. Keeping the client’s requirements in mind, a market-themed website was created. Klizer’s ultimate focus was to:

  • Adopt a web design that would take the visitors on a journey.
  • Be visually appealing
  • Instantly capture the visitor’s attention
  • Allow the visitor to get a clear understanding of what the product, service, or solution the company has to offer.
  • Direct users through simple and easy navigations and category pages.
  • Quick order feature to let the customer place an order effortlessly.
  • Enable customers to create their own shopping list
  • Let the customers share their cart with others.

Third-Party Integration and Extensions

Having third-party integrations and extensions has become the norm of the ecommerce world. The ecommerce world is progressing with constant changes every day. The Magento 2 Developers at Klizer have implemented the following third-party integrations/extensions based on the needs of HSC.

Mageplaza Google Recaptcha

FME Google Maps Store Locator

Landofcoder Custom form Creation

Market Theme

DCKAP Integrator for P21 Integration

Klizer Tax Exemption

Taxjar Tax calculation

Klizer Quick Order

Klizer’s ‘Customers who also bought’

Effect of
Magento B2B Commerce

B2B shopping has wholly evolved, hence providing shoppers with a seamless shopping experience. Magento is a powerful ecommerce platform that includes the most advanced features for creating an online store, providing online merchants with a flexible online shopping cart system by managing the look, content, and feel of an online store.

The project plan consisted of custom integrations to extend the features of Magento 2, as well as refine the shopping experience of the customer. The custom modules implemented for the functionalities are mentioned below:

  • Dynamic pricing
  • Dynamic Inventory
  • Offline Orders
  • Sales Representative Feature
  • HSC Truck Shipping Method
  • Registration customization for existing ERP customers
  • Multi-warehouse handling
  • Shipping calculation based on the distance
  • Customization of the fields based on the shipping method
  • Payment with a credit line
  • Request quote handling
  • P21 Integration
  • Call for Availability
  • Hotshot delivery

Search Engine Optimization

SEO plays a pivotal role in any business and is key for conversion. It’s an ongoing process, and we make it a point to provide basic SEO services. Before a website goes live, DCKAP ensures that everything is fine by giving the necessary support for SEO and implementing the same for the website.

Implemented Canonical URL

Maintained the old URLs for CMS pages.

Changed all the old internal links in the content to new links.

Maintained the same Meta Title and Meta Description as the old website.

Checked the old website redirects and maintained the same in the new site.

Redirections made for the old site Dynamic URLs (Category, products, and blogs)

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