Security Camera Warehouse

Magento 1 To Magento 2 Migration.

About Security Camera Warehouse

Security Camera Warehouse is one of America’s leading and trusted Security Camera Providers. About 10 years ago, this brand began as a one stop solution for customers looking for DIY security camera systems. Since that time, they have come up as one of the leaders for commercial-grade surveillance requirements. They have a successful repository of clients which include NASA, the U.S. Army, PGA Tour, The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, GM, and 3M. They are known for their customer service as well as technical support- something we had to keep strongly in mind while working on this particular project.

Apart from a robust product suite, they also offer plenty of other products including latest Wi-fi, security cameras,wire-free, from doorbell models to 1 or 2-camera systems which are quick and easily safeguard your home and family. A single charging of these IP cameras can provide 365 days of coverage and they are completely wireless.


Primary Features

Data Migration

We have migrated data from 1.9.3 to 2.3.3. We migrated the Magento1 data to Magento2 data using Magento2 data migration tool.

Simple Bundle Products

Some of the products have a bundle of multiple products. We can achieve that type of products using webhooking simple bundle product module. It is used to display the simple bundle products in this website.

Customizable Options

Some of the products have multiple dynamic customizable options. We can achieve that type of product using mageworx advanced custom option.


Cart2Quote enables customers to ask for a quotation on your Magento frontend and the admin can manage them from the back-end. Admin also send quote to the particular customer and he can purchase the product from the frontend with quoted price.


Klevu is a cloud-based search solution. Search interaction directly informs merchandising of our search results. We can Create rules to boost the best possible products in our search results. we can customize the look and feel of search experience.

Swissup Customer and checkout field Manager

This extension is used to create dynamic form fields in customer registration and edit pages in admin and front end and checkout page also. we can create fields and their field validation also.

Hide Product Price

This extension is used to disable the pricing for all non-registered users (not logged in) so that anyone browsing the site cannot see prices and cannot add any items to the cart for purchase.
  • To allow for products to be restricted by category ID.
  • To enable/disable this extension on a per store view level.
  • To disable the pricing for all non-registered users

Fishpig – WordPress Integration

This extension allows you to integrate WordPress into Magento 2. This is used to displayed the WordPress blog in to your Magento2 website.

Mirasvit – Advanced Reports

This Extension is an amazingly flexible and user-friendly analytics suite. It improves upon default Magento reports in every possible way. Install Magento 2 Advanced Reports and take your online store’s analytics to the next level!


TaxJar provides checkout calculations with the TaxJar API and zip-based rates for native Magento calculations as a fallback. Along the way, we’ll configure your store to collect sales tax where you have nexus, handle product exemptions, import orders into TaxJar, and much more. For a primer on everything sales tax, read our Magento sales tax guide before getting started.

Payment gateway – authorize .net

Authorize.Net pioneered online solutions for businesses to accept credit card payments- in person, online, or over the phone. Today, Authorize.Net is the payment platform most trusted by small businesses.

SMTP – Sendgrid mail integration

SendGrid is a cloud-based SMTP provider that allows you to send email without having to maintain email servers.

Key Takeaways

Security Camera Warehouse is now transitioned as a Magento2 advanced store and boasts of high-level integrations which we implemented to ensure a better customer experience. The challenges we faced during this project, included data migration from Magento 1x to Magento 2x with multiple third party integrations. Ultimately, we were able to fix the issues as well as increase the conversion rates, customer satisfaction, and overall website performance.

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